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Your Music Videos on MUZU – Tools & Tips

Your Music Videos on MUZU – Tools & Tips

MUZU.TV is a fully licenced music video distribution platform providing record labels with new ways to share their content and monetise it and across a multi platform network to reach more Music Lovers.


Users can watch videos and create and share their own music video playlists​ and watch these playlists on their PC, Mobile, Tablet, Smart TV and Xbox

MUZU prides itself on it’s editorial sharing new music for the community to discover emerging artists and new music providing labels with marketing opportunities ​

  • Distribution across multi platform: desktop, mobile, Smart TV and Xbox
  • 11M Unique users across our network
  • 1M social media followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Work with Network of Publishers to increase reach of content and place relevant content e.g LastFM, Guardian, Metacafe, NME, Xbox, Samsung, Sony Bravia, Phillips, LG, Panasonic

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