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Silvana Records is your partner for Worldwide Digital Distribution of your music and video content. There is no more convenient way for independent label of music to keep good work.

Service made in cooperation with a number of sales platforms in order to distribute and offer the catalogue of Label (music tracks and videoclips) for sale via downloads, streams, subscription services through any possible digital distribution channels (e.g. iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Audiojelly, Nokia, Musicload, AOL and more.)

Also distributes through mobile carriers (e.g. Musiwave, Universal Mobile, T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone etc.) ringtones and “realtones”...


Enis Caliskan & Efkan Iyigul - Techno

SR182 - Silvana Records
Released : 23th April 2012...

- Chain Saw (Original Mix)
- Crooked (Original Mix)
- Distraught (Original Mix)
- Feel (Original Mix)
- Insight (Original Mix)
- Narcissus (Original Mix)
- Neutralized (Original Mix)
- Refurbished (Original Mix)


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